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Andy Hodgson- I started performing in public aged six in the choir at St Jude's church in Peterborough. I then started learning guitar when I was 9 before taking up drums aged 11. I formed my first band at The King's School Peterborough. A punk band 'Phlegm' for which I co wrote my first song Satellite Junk. I played bass  guitar for the school Jazz Band and was drummer for St Jude's music group 'Harvest' for four years. I also formed a band 'Tsunami' with three friends during this period, we were asked to compose some original music for a Christian youth festival, the lyrics for which became the strapline for the festival. We organised and put on shows for charity.


Rock 'n' Roll Andy - I played regularly at the university acoustic night. In my first week I took my electric guitar and amp and proceeded to play Motorhead, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. On the second week I was introduced as Rock 'n' Roll Andy which has stuck with me ever since. At this time I was also performing at five Karaoke's a week honing my stage performance skills. I played with several bands and projects across London and started taking more of a frontman role within these bands.

After Uni in London I returned to Peterborough, in 2002 I was trying to find somewhere which had an open mic I could play at. Sitting in Genevas Bar I overheard the landlord talking to a couple of regulars about putting an open mic night on. I suggested I would love to come and play and help to set up. A trial night was agreed and Wednesday night at Genevas was born. This event carried on for six years, during which I was also asked to host and set up nights on Tuesday at Goodbarns Yard and Thursday at The Comet which also ran for a few years. I formed several good friendships in the Peterborough music community, many of which continue today.. This where I met the drummer in the Guns 'n' Roses tribute band I front It's So Easy.

I was the opening act for the first annual music event held by my former employer in 2007. I also became event team manager for the next eleven years, overseeing the venue arrangements, promotion, music equipment, artist signup, loading, rigging, live engineering and any 'on the night' issues which needed my input. This is also where I first met my future bandmates in Lace & Whiskey. We went on to produce our Acoustic Shots EP, Running Out Of Time album and a Christmas single, giving insight and some experience into recording and releasing and registering music for royalty and chart purposes. From managing the organisation of my employer's live music event I was asked to engineer the sound, and DJ, other events for the company.

I am a director at Open Door Records an independent label based, and formed, in London giving close ties with the capital, with our London Open Mic nights offering opportunities to exchange London and Peterborough performers.

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